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Copywriting  and Content Marketing

So what is Content Marketing anyway?

A good content strategy takes a lot more than a little keyword research. Gone are the days when stuffing as many keywords as you can into an article will help you rank higher in Google search results. And thank your preferred deity for that! After all, we surf the web too, and we don’t like spammy robot-written keyword vomit, any more than you do.

Content Marketing is just a new way of describing the process of creating pieces of media (blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, photos) that help you tell your story, and then telling that story to the right people, and getting them to share it.

Whether you want to rank higher in search engines, convert site visitors into customers, or get more people to share your story with the people they know, it all starts with your “content.”

Your customers are people, so we create media for people- not robots.

We know Content Marketing has quickly become the latest center square in buzzword bingo. Marketers started to realize that certain online content (mostly blog posts) helped sites rank higher in search. Like most things that start to work online, people took this concept and ran it into the ground.

As a result, the internet has been flooded with poorly written keyword-stuffed garbage, that no human would be interested in reading. Google and the other search engines have responded by penalizing the sites that contain this type of content.

Make no mistake though – unique, well written articles and graphics that teach and entertain your site visitors, will help you win.

At Real Digital, our professional writers, designers, photographers, and videographers, create articles, eBooks, graphics, and videos you will be proud to publish.

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